Friday, 20 April 2018

Limitations and opportunities.

Six and a half years into my Artist Residence in Motherhood and I've adapted to life without a studio, my work has had to change. With my boys at school I now have some extended time to devote to creating a new body of work and developing the ideas that have been brewing for so long.
Limitations can be liberating, pushing you to experiment with ways of working that you might otherwise have dismissed. Small blocks of time, having to make use of materials I already own, limited space and an overwhelming wealth of raw, emotional source material and inspiration has lead me to begin this series of small watercolours.

There have been an equal number of complete disasters! Watercolour is so immediate, unforgiving and temprermental. So much harder to master than oil paint or drawing but compleatly appropriate for images inspired by motherhood, where your victories and mistakes all muddle together in a very raw, visceral and often muddy, frustrating, but in equal measure, beautiful and awe-inspiring way.